Types Of Services

Securitas Mobile provides a broad range of security services; combining state-of-the-art technology, security knowledge, and expertise.

We lead the industry in providing specialized security solutions that result in superior value to the small and medium-sized organizations.  Our flexible, cost-effective security solutions deliver effective and tangible value to your BOTTOM LINE

We enhance your productivity and profits thorough prevention, deterrence of theft, vandalism, and safety related incidents.

Our line of security services includes mobile patrol and inspection, alarm and incident response, employee escort security, deployment and maintenance of alarm systems, bike patrol, and boat patrol.

Our technology provides electronic verification and documentation of all security related activity through accurate reporting in real-time. 

Our officer training is the best in the industry.   Each of our officers goes through comprehensive, on-going training.  They are dedicated to performing their duties to the highest standards to ensure the safety and security for our clients.

Securitas Mobile is committed to leading the security industry, promoting security awareness, and focusing on delivering valuable, reliable, and cost effective services.  

Securitas Mobile is the obvious choice for the security needs of small and medium-sized organizations.

Now you can have peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business and not worrying about how to protect it.