Securitas Mobile has partnered with leading technology companies to provide you with a comprehensive security plan customized to meet your needs that includes a security officer patrolling your site, indoor and outdoor wireless alarm systems, and alarm response services. We provide high quality, high value security solutions designed to enhance your peace of mind, productivity and profits through prevention and deterrence of theft, vandalism and safety related incidents.

How it Works

Securitas Mobile will arrange the set up and programming of the security technology solution best suited to your needs to protect high risk areas. In addition, uniformed security officers in marked vehicles will patrol the site. If an alarm is activated, Securitas Mobile responds.


Tattletale offers a transportable, cellular security system with high performance wireless sensors.  This alarm system can be used inside or outdoors and is perfect for construction sites and other facilities where what you want to protect is moving or changing on a regular basis.  Click here for more information about Tattletale.


This wireless video security system is motion activated.  The integrated night vision camera sends a 10 second video of the intruder over the cell network to the monitoring station and Securitas.  Click here for more information about Videofied.


PatrolLIVE is a web-based, wireless tour verification system that provides accurate, real-time verification of security patrols and inspections.  Click here for more information about PatrolLIVE. 

Securitas IntelElert

Securitas IntelElert is a revolutionary safety and security threat notification system built for businesses that provides highly relevant, near-real time, safety and security intelligence.   Email alerts are automatically generated from a variety of reliable and trusted sources utilizing filters to tailor the information to your organization’s needs and location.   Click here for more information about Securitas IntelElert.


The NetVision Mobile Surveillance Trailer provides an effective security solution for your remote monitoring needs.  Running from direct AC power, the unit contains cameras that may be elevated up to 30 feet for real-time viewing.  Click here for more information about NetVision.