Patrol and Inspection

Securitas Mobile is proactively dedicated to protecting your organization.  We do not wait for an incident to occur; our trained patrol officers are vigilant and reliable to patrol your business, or neighborhood, in marked vehicles to prevent, detect and deter vandalism, theft, or safety related incidents.

Patrol and inspection services include:

  • External Facility Inspections: An inspection of your property’s exterior, including perimeter, lighting, door and window checks                                       
  • Internal Facility Inspections: An inspection inside your facility, including critical areas such as heating, ventilating and air-conditioning systems, lighting, door and window checks
  • Lock and Unlock Service: Our officers will open and close your facility according to your specifications.  This service also includes two or more random patrol checks, activating and deactivating of alarms, and interior and exterior inspections of your facility

Features include...

  • Expertly trained, uniformed security officers
  • Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles
  • Officers equipped with GPS navigation system, smartphone and emergency response procedures
  • Computerized verification of services delivered through Securitas MobileVision tour verification system
  • 24 hour dispatching capabilities
  • Warning signs and self-adhesive decals to deter theft and vandalism
  • Random patrol patterns for maximum security
  • Secured Key Management

Benefits include...

  • Protection & deterrent from theft and vandalism
  • Recognition of safety hazards
  • Reduction of energy costs
  • Promotion of safe community and workplace
  • Customized security program
  • Quick professional response in cases of emergency
  • Technology driven quality assurance using Securitas MobileVision tour verification system.  Click here for more information about Securitas MobileVision  
  • Instant communication with additional Securitas Mobile resources and law enforcement for emergency response


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