Securitas Mobile Services Joins South Side Safety Alliance to Fight Crime in Milwaukee Neighborhood

Securitas Mobile Services partners with local aldermen, businesses and community groups in pilot project with a proactive approach to fighting crime

17 September, 2007

Milwaukee, WI - The Mobile Services Group of Securitas USA, announced today its participation in the South Side Safety Alliance, a pilot crime prevention initiative on Milwaukee's south side where vandalism and theft have historically been prevalent. Securitas is partnering with local aldermen, businesses and community groups to implement this volunteer-based, proactive approach to promoting a safe community. As part of the Safety Alliance, Securitas officers are patrolling a designated geographic area in highly visible Securitas vehicles to help deter criminal activity and report any crime or unusual activity to local police.

Securitas' participation in the South Side Safety Alliance is already having a positive measurable impact. Residents and business owners have indicated they feel more secure in their neighborhood knowing that Securitas Patrol Officers are nearby. During a recent patrol, a Securitas Patrol supervisor noticed a suspicious looking individual walking from home to home checking to see if doors were locked. The supervisor notified the Milwaukee Police Department immediately enabling them to respond appropriately and prevent a crime from occurring.

"It's unique and a little different, but I really credit the private sector (participants) for stepping up to offer their assistance, and I believe the alliance can have a real impact on crime and disorderly behavior in south side neighborhoods," Alderman Donovan.

The South Side Safety Alliance pilot program will continue for one year. At that time, the program's effectiveness will be reviewed and likely replicated in other areas of Milwaukee.

Today, Securitas Mobile Services officers patrol the area as part of their existing patrol routes. However, John Schuster, CPP, Securitas Mobile, anticipates having a full time officer dedicated to this project by October.

"The Securitas mission is to help protect workplaces, homes, and communities. Participating in this combined voluntary effort shows it doesn't always have to be about profit, it's the quality of people's lives that truly matters." John Schuster, CPP.

About Securitas: Securitas Security Services USA, Inc., the largest provider of security officer services in the United States, provides security solutions, including uniformed security staff, patrol officers, and consulting and investigations nationwide. Through its 600 branch office operations, Securitas USA has a local focus on service delivery and lists 80% of the Fortune 1000 as its clients.