How Do You Know We're Protecting Your Property?

Securitas Mobile has created MobileVision to present web-based reporting to our clients.  MobileVision allows Securitas Patrol Officers to quickly and accurately provide clients with security service and details. 

Officers have the ability to easily capture location data as well as apply security statuses and observations.  Once a location has been checked, a handset automatically uploads data making it available through an online reporting mechanism.  This online interface allows Securitas clients to review the security status of their locations and personnel.  MobileVision servers aggregate the data in real-time and make it available on demand.  Reports driven by MobileVision give access to Securitas activities to both clients and Securitas Management.

Reports can be accessed online that allow clients to view the start and end time of each inspection along with a time stamp on each individual checkpoint and its status in chronological order.  You can also see occurrences at your location that have been identified by our officers during their inspections.  Examples of exceptions would include  signs of vandalism, safety hazards or other noteworthy incidents.