What are Mobile Security Patrols?

Posted by Angela Bertolo on Jul 28, 2009 3:03:00 PM

When describing Securitas services to potential clients, property managers, and even personal acquaintances, most people nod with recognition as I explain security guard services.  But as soon as I start talking about mobile security, eyebrows are raised and I'm flooded with questions.  In an effort to eliminate some of the confusion, let me attempt to answer two of the most commonly asked questions. 

What are security patrols or mobile security services?

Mobile security patrols are an effective way to provide security on your property without hiring a full time security guard.  Security patrol officers do not remain on site for long durations of time, but instead come to your property, typically in a vehicle, although foot, bike and boat patrols exist as well, and walk around your property.  Their main purpose is to check/secure doors and windows, make sure no unauthorized individuals are on the property, notify law enforcement or property managers in cases of emergency and act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism.  Security patrols usually take place during non business hours or at locations not open to the public.  The number of times a patrol officer will visit a particular property in a given day as well as the amount of time they remain on the property is dependent on the needs of each client.

If this service is performed when I'm not around, how do I know it's actually taking place?

This remains a challenge for many security companies that provide security for vacant properties or during non business hours.  However, Securitas uses verification tools to communicate where and when patrols were completed and any related details to clients.  Securitas patrol officers are required to exit their vehicle and walk around the property to check doors, windows and confirm the building is secure.  Barcodes are strategically placed around the property.  Once a location has been checked, the patrol officer scans the barcode and a handset automatically uploads data making it available through an online reporting mechanism.  This online interface allows Securitas customers to review the security status of their locations and personnel. 

If you have other questions about security patrols, email me directly at angela.bertolo@securitasinc.com or include them in the comments below.

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