Saving Money through Security

Posted by Samantha Dutcher on Jan 13, 2011 2:29:00 PM

In this economic climate, saving money is a major priority for business owners. There are many ways for a business to save money such as going paperless, lowering temperatures and installing energy efficient appliances and fixtures just to name a few. But have you considered how private security could save you money in the long run?

Unfortunately it’s not just businesses that are making budget cuts. Much of the public sector is slashing budgets as well, which could affect the free safety and security related services that they provide. This could have a negative impact on many small businesses that are trying to save money.

An investment in some form of security will reduce your risk of loss due to theft or vandalism. While the traditional idea of security (full time security officer) might be beyond your budget or something that isn’t practical for your situation, there are other options. As you move forward in the 2011, consider some of the following ideas to help prevent theft or vandalism on your property:

Random Patrols: Specially trained security officers in highly visible patrol cars inspecting your property at random times helps to detect and deter illegal activity.

Wireless Alarm Systems: Wireless alarm systems allow you monitor portable items. This often helps prevent vandalism as well as the theft of tools or supplies.

Alarm & Incident Response: Fast and professional response to your alarm systems by trained security officers gives you the peace of mind that your property is protected.

Motion Activated Security Systems: Motion activated systems are ideal for off limit areas, or during your closed hours.

Video Surveillance Systems: Video surveillance allows you to monitor your sites remotely.

Working with a security firm to decide what options would work best for you will allow you to have the benefits of private security, at a cost you can afford, and could save you money in the end.

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Area Manager Speaks with College Students

Posted by Samantha Dutcher on Dec 22, 2010 1:22:00 PM

Recently one of our Securitas Mobile Area Managers, Dustin Lambert, spoke with criminal justice students at a community college about private security management.  During this speech Dustin covered several topics, including: 

  • Company structure levels
  • HR and Training
  • Officer wages
  • Verified Alarm Response – (some cities are moving toward this to save police officers time responding to false alarms) someone must verify it is a true alarm before the police will be dispatched.
  • Specialized services – patrol inspections, alarm response, investigations, emergency response, crisis management and executive protection.
  • Security Assessments for corporations
  • Certifications CPP (certified protective professional) & PSP (physical security professional)

Some of the students had some previous experience within the private security field and had excellent questions regarding various topics.  Dustin was able to answer their questions and give them a better understanding of how we operate. Dustin was very appreciative of getting the opportunity to help these students with their curriculum, and looks forward to going over future topics in more detail.

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