Water Leak Found By Security Just In Time

Posted by Adam Koehler on May 21, 2015 12:47:00 PM

Officer Danny Stephens of the Securitas Indianapolis, IN branch was conducting a preventative patrol inspection in a high rise/luxury condominium property when he discovered a serious water leak in the hallway.

The water had already saturated the carpet and was streaming out of the ceiling at an alarming rate. Officer Stephens quickly made his way to the restroom on the same floor to grab a waste basket to help contain the massive amount of water. He then proceeded to notify the on-call maintenance technician for that property. 

Officer Danny Stephens   Securitas Security Services Indianapolis

Officer Stephens' immediate reaction to contain the leak not only stopped the destruction from continuing but also saved the customer thousands of dollars in estimated repairs. A leak like this one would have continued from the fourth floor to the basement causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. The customer was ecstatic that this was found and commended Officer Stephens and Securitas Mobile on a job well done.

The vigilance Officer Stephens demonstrated is a shining example of Securitas' core values - Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness.

Water damages cause billions of dollars of structural, operational, reputational and financial losses each year for commercial property owners. Preventative patrol inspections help catch issues such as water leaks before they become serious and provide valuable return on investment. 


About Securitas Mobile: Securitas Mobile is a division of Securitas that specializes in preventative patrol inspections and emergency/alarm response. Proactive patrols help deter crime by providing a visible deterrent, while our emergency response capabilities allow us to react to an incident at a moment’s notice.  To learn more about the security services that Securitas Mobile provides, visit www.securitasmobileus.com.

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Bank Robbery Derailed by Preventative Patrol

Posted by Adam Koehler on Jan 14, 2015 2:34:00 PM

A recent string of bank robberies has plagued Southern Ontario and Quebec over the past few months, but thanks to a preventative patrol by a Securitas Mobile Patrol Officer, one was stopped.

Pierre Gauthier   Securitas Patrol Supervisor resized 600

On the rainy evening of December 25, 2014, Securitas Officer Antonio Jose (Tony) Vasconcelos was conducting a routine ATM vestibule patrol at a Montreal-area bank, when the officer noticed a large amount of water on the floor and base of the wall inside the bank.  The officer immediately notified the client and his Supervisor, Pierre Gauthier (pictured above), of his findings and then continued his inspection. 

Upon further investigation, the officers found that the leak was coming from a hole in the ceiling that attempted-robbers had created to try to break into the bank’s ATM room.   Vasconcelos and Gauthier contacted the police and remained on-site to further investigate the area.  They found that the suspect’s tools were left on-site and no money was taken from the ATM or the vault.

Police believe that the patrol inspection by Vasconcelos and Gauthier interrupted the burglary and caused the suspect(s) to flee before they could complete the robbery.

Patrol Supervisor Pierre Gauthier, who has 10 years experience in security, stated: “Upon entering the site, I had a funny feeling; my past experiences encouraged me to go further in my inspection. All the information pointed to a water pipe break, but we took the decision to verify further and then notify police so that a verification of the roof could be done. I am proud to have helped derail the attempted robbery in progress. Teamwork has contributed to the success of this event.”

This is a prime example that while you never know exactly when crime will strike, taking preventative measures such as security patrol inspections can help deter them from happening.

About Securitas Mobile: Securitas Mobile is a division of Securitas that specializes in preventative patrol inspections and emergency/alarm response. Proactive patrols help deter crime by providing a visible deterrent, while our emergency response capabilities allow us to react to an incident at a moment’s notice.  To learn more about the security services that Securitas Mobile provides, visit www.securitasmobileus.com.



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NEW WHITEPAPER - Workplace Violence: Prevention and Response

Posted by Adam Koehler on May 13, 2014 1:38:00 PM

Workplace violence can happen anywhere.

Unfortunately, thousands of non-fatal workplace violence incidents occur every day. From verbal threats to unwanted visitors, workplace violence does not always involve a deadly weapon. But by providing training and awareness for security guards and employees alike, you can take steps to help prevent an incident from occuring.

In this whitepaper, Securitas USA and Pinkerton present the reasons why having a Workplace Violence Program in place can help reduce the chance that anything harmful will happen at your workplace.

Read the full whitepaper here.

Workplace Violence   COVER IMAGE

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Securitas Mobile Guarding Video Now Available!

Posted by Adam Koehler on Aug 7, 2013 11:38:00 AM

Securitas Mobile has recently finished shooting a video explaining the proactive and reactive security services that Securitas Mobile Guarding can provide.

Mobile Guarding is a fully comprehensive alternative security solution that gives you the benefits of an on-site security officer without round-the-clock payroll. Click play on the video below to learn how Securitas Mobile Guarding can benefit you.


Click here to learn more or request a free quote.


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Securitas Helps Raise $20K at Wounded Warrior Golf Benefit

Posted by Adam Koehler on Oct 3, 2012 3:59:00 PM

Wounded Warrior Project Golf Tournament   Check Presentation Photo resized 600

On October 24th, 2012, the first annual Heart of America Wounded Warrior Golf Benefit took place in Overland Park, KS. This was a golf event unlike any other.  It began with a moving rendition of the Star Spangled Banner performed by a U.S. Marine and was followed by a heartwarming speech from Lt. Col. Hugh Mills. Veterans were recognized and fallen heroes honored with “Taps”.  Each of the 18 greens on the course flew the American flag, and not one touched ground that day as veterans and volunteers stood by the flags holding them with pride as the golfers putted out each hole.  The closing ceremony gave thanks to volunteers and veterans alike and was topped off with a poem that was read by Chris Hahn, a heroic warrior who wrote it after returning home.  The touching poem gave new meaning to “adapt and overcome”.  

When the opportunity is there, thank a veteran.Wounded Warrior Project   Logo


Securitas Security Services cosponsored the event with Burns & McDonnell and helped raise $20,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project.  To learn more about how you can honor and help our wounded warriors, visit www.woundedwarriorproject.org.


About Securitas USA:  Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. is a knowledge leader in security.  As the nation's leading security provider, Securitas USA and its affiliates offer security solutions, including uniformed security officers, mobile patrol and consulting & investigations.  Everywhere from small businesses to large corporations, our 100,000 employees are making a difference. For more information, visit www.securitasmobileus.com.


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Saving Money through Security

Posted by Samantha Dutcher on Jan 13, 2011 2:29:00 PM

In this economic climate, saving money is a major priority for business owners. There are many ways for a business to save money such as going paperless, lowering temperatures and installing energy efficient appliances and fixtures just to name a few. But have you considered how private security could save you money in the long run?

Unfortunately it’s not just businesses that are making budget cuts. Much of the public sector is slashing budgets as well, which could affect the free safety and security related services that they provide. This could have a negative impact on many small businesses that are trying to save money.

An investment in some form of security will reduce your risk of loss due to theft or vandalism. While the traditional idea of security (full time security officer) might be beyond your budget or something that isn’t practical for your situation, there are other options. As you move forward in the 2011, consider some of the following ideas to help prevent theft or vandalism on your property:

Random Patrols: Specially trained security officers in highly visible patrol cars inspecting your property at random times helps to detect and deter illegal activity.

Wireless Alarm Systems: Wireless alarm systems allow you monitor portable items. This often helps prevent vandalism as well as the theft of tools or supplies.

Alarm & Incident Response: Fast and professional response to your alarm systems by trained security officers gives you the peace of mind that your property is protected.

Motion Activated Security Systems: Motion activated systems are ideal for off limit areas, or during your closed hours.

Video Surveillance Systems: Video surveillance allows you to monitor your sites remotely.

Working with a security firm to decide what options would work best for you will allow you to have the benefits of private security, at a cost you can afford, and could save you money in the end.

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Security Solution for York Region Schools in Canada

Posted by Angela Bertolo on Jul 15, 2010 1:03:00 PM

The Regional Municipality of York is a large geographic area located just north of Toronto. It is recognized as the fastest growing census division in Canada. The region covers more than 1,761 square kilometers and is currently home to over 950,000 people. At the current growth rate, the population in the region is projected to exceed 1.5 million within the next 20 years.

Securitas Canada provides patrol and alarm response services to the York Catholic District School Board facilities, consisting of approximately 100 Catholic elementary schools, secondary schools and school board offices spread across the entire region.  Like most schools, those in York Region are regularly used outside of school hours for their sporting fields and park-like settings. Area teenagers often choose school grounds as a place to congregate in the evening. As a result of the after-hours use, schools face constant and repeated vandalism. Broken windows are by far the most common ‘abnormal' finding when conducting a school patrol or responding to an alarm condition. To help combat this situation, Securitas mobile patrol units in York Region all carry laminate window repair kits so that cracks and small breaks can be quickly and temporarily repaired to restore the integrity of the perimeter.

In addition to alarm response services, Securitas also provides holiday and anti-vandalism patrols when requested. On a summer holiday weekend, Securitas may be responsible for providing full perimeter and interior patrols at over 100 locations across the region. When a particular location is subject to a rash of undesirable activity and/or occurrences, Securitas is often requested to increase the frequency of patrols outside of normal school hours in order to detect and deter unwanted activity.

Securitas received one particularly challenging request during the Christmas and New Year holiday period in 2007. Securitas was asked to provide 2 separate patrols for each of the 225 schools in the York Region District School Board. One patrol at each of the locations was to be completed between December 22nd and December 24th and a second patrol was to be completed at each location between the 29th and the 31st. Securitas was able to manage an amazing 98% completion rate, compared with previous security provider's 40% completion rate, an accomplishment that astounded our client.

Providing timely alarm response and patrols to over 325 locations spread across such a large area presents some unique challenges. Long distances between locations and adverse weather and traffic conditions combine to challenge the Securitas officers. Securitas has risen to the challenge and has provided a consistently reliable service to meet every requirement the client sets.

"Securitas has consistently performed well in carrying out its various duties and responsibilities. The firm has proven to be accommodating and responsive to the school board's changing requirements. A particular strength of the firm is the excellent on-line reporting tools. I would have no hesitation in recommending Securitas to any other interested customer."

Walter Olenych, Manager, Facilities Services Unit
York Catholic District School Board

via Securitas Canada website

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Security Trend: Construction for a Cause

Posted by Angela Bertolo on Dec 15, 2009 1:40:00 PM

Habitat for Humanity is a non profit organization working to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness throughout the world.  With the combined efforts of volunteer labor and donated funds and building supplies, Habitat for Humanity constructs homes for those in need. Unfortunately, these projects are not immune to theft and vandalism.  In fact, like any other construction site, theft and vandalism is common concern.  These sites often fall victim to theft of equipment, tools, supplies and vandalism.

In May 2009, $50,000 worth of copper disappeared from a Habitat for Humanity project in Omaha, NEHabitat for Humanity partnered with Securitas after one of their partners utilized mobile services during a corporate build and didn't incur any losses.  Securitas Mobile began arming homes that were in the process of being built and completed homes that were awaiting a family with alarm systems, with alarm response services and occasional patrol inspections.  In the past four months, Securitas Mobile has documented three incidents that have proved successful in deterring crime.  The first day service began for one property, the Tattletale alarm system was triggered.  A Securitas Mobile patrol officer immediately responded to the alarm and saw three people running from the house.  Luckily, nothing was stolen and there wasn't any damage to the property.  Daniel Brewer, Construction Manager, Habitat for Humanity said, "Impressed with the performance of the system and good customer service, we installed similar systems on a number of our projects throughout the summer and this fall.  We know it works because of several "near misses," where would-be thieves have forced open doors and been frightened away before they could steal materials or damage the homes, saving us thousands of dollars and valuable construction time."

To find out how to secure your construction projects or vacant homes, contact angela.bertolo@securitasinc.com.

mobile patrol car

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Chicago Ranks #1 for Vacant Warehouse and Factory Space

Posted by Angela Bertolo on Nov 6, 2009 12:30:00 PM

Chicago is not only a transportation hub with numerous logistics and distribution companies, it's also the home of over 12,000 manufacturing companies directly and indirectly responsible for over 1.8 million jobs.  As the global economy changes, many manufacturing facilities are shifting their production overseas or going out of business as they continue to conduct business the way they always have.  The continuous decline of this industry has left Chicago the #1 city in the country for vacant warehouse and factory space.  According to Chicago Business Today, the Chicago area has 140 million square feet of vacant property, roughly the equivalent of all the office space in the downtown area!

With vacant properties come a plethora of issues.

  1. Theft and Vandalism - Can you think of a better place to break into than a building with no one occupying or watching it?  Neither can the burglars looking to steal any scrap metal, piping, or appliances you may have left behind.
  2. Wintertime Disasters - Freezing temperatures can lead to bursting pipes and water damage, something no one wants to deal with.
  3. Vagrants - Drug use, prostitution and squatting are all common issues for vacant property owners.  Plus, it's a great place for teenagers to throw parties!
  4. Critters and Creatures - Raccoons, bats, squirrels, cockroaches and mice need homes too, but you don't want to be their landlord.  With nobody there to kick them out, your property is the perfect place to set up shop.

Hmmm, what tipped you off that this was a vacant building?  Was it the trash all over the premises, the overgrown landscaping, real estate signs, "no trespassing" signs or the constantly empty parking lot?  While there are some things beyond your control as a property owner, there are steps you can take to decrease the likelihood that your building becomes a target.


  1. Hire a security firm like Securitas to conduct random Security Patrols of your property.  These periodic Interior and Exterior Property Inspections of the premises can be used to identify if regular maintenance such as trash removal is being taken care of and if there are any intruders on the property. 
  2. Install an alarm system.  There are a variety of products available to meet your needs including wireless systems for properties without access to electricity.
  3. Install steel window screens and doors

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What are Mobile Security Patrols?

Posted by Angela Bertolo on Jul 28, 2009 3:03:00 PM

When describing Securitas services to potential clients, property managers, and even personal acquaintances, most people nod with recognition as I explain security guard services.  But as soon as I start talking about mobile security, eyebrows are raised and I'm flooded with questions.  In an effort to eliminate some of the confusion, let me attempt to answer two of the most commonly asked questions. 

What are security patrols or mobile security services?

Mobile security patrols are an effective way to provide security on your property without hiring a full time security guard.  Security patrol officers do not remain on site for long durations of time, but instead come to your property, typically in a vehicle, although foot, bike and boat patrols exist as well, and walk around your property.  Their main purpose is to check/secure doors and windows, make sure no unauthorized individuals are on the property, notify law enforcement or property managers in cases of emergency and act as a deterrent to theft and vandalism.  Security patrols usually take place during non business hours or at locations not open to the public.  The number of times a patrol officer will visit a particular property in a given day as well as the amount of time they remain on the property is dependent on the needs of each client.

If this service is performed when I'm not around, how do I know it's actually taking place?

This remains a challenge for many security companies that provide security for vacant properties or during non business hours.  However, Securitas uses verification tools to communicate where and when patrols were completed and any related details to clients.  Securitas patrol officers are required to exit their vehicle and walk around the property to check doors, windows and confirm the building is secure.  Barcodes are strategically placed around the property.  Once a location has been checked, the patrol officer scans the barcode and a handset automatically uploads data making it available through an online reporting mechanism.  This online interface allows Securitas customers to review the security status of their locations and personnel. 

If you have other questions about security patrols, email me directly at angela.bertolo@securitasinc.com or include them in the comments below.

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