Security Trend Alert: Employee Escorts for a Safe Workplace

Posted by Angela Bertolo on Aug 13, 2009 11:03:00 AM

When we talk about workplace safety, we often ask the following questions. Do I have locked entry ways and rooms with sensitive materials?  Are there security guards or patrols on the premises?  Do I have access control, cameras or alarm systems in place? Are safety measures and programs adequately encouraged and communicated to employees and customers?

But how does this apply when your employees are working alone, maybe not even on the premises? Perhaps you're in the business of home healthcare and have employees treating patients that live in a rough part of town.  Maybe you work for a gas company that sends maintenance people out 24/7. Or maybe you manage a retail or restaurant operation and have store clerks or servers closing up shop by themselves in the wee hours of the morning. How do you ensure their safety?

In Chicago, a quickly growing trend in workplace safety is employee escorts.  Employers want their employees to feel safe operating in some of Chicago's toughest neighborhoods, specifically on the south and west side.  In some cases, case workers need to get by loiterers outside apartments and get to and from their car safely.  In the home healthcare field, there are situations where caregivers are working in volatile home situations and need to feel safe.  Securitas Mobile offers its clients the ability to empower their employees to request safety escorts in various situations.  In some cases, the patrol officer will be instructed to wait outside while the employee is inside so they can immediately respond in cases of emergency.  In other cases, the patrol officer need only walk them from their car to the workplace and return when the individual is going back to their car.

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