Water Leak Found By Security Just In Time

Posted by Adam Koehler on May 21, 2015 12:47:00 PM

Officer Danny Stephens of the Securitas Indianapolis, IN branch was conducting a preventative patrol inspection in a high rise/luxury condominium property when he discovered a serious water leak in the hallway.

The water had already saturated the carpet and was streaming out of the ceiling at an alarming rate. Officer Stephens quickly made his way to the restroom on the same floor to grab a waste basket to help contain the massive amount of water. He then proceeded to notify the on-call maintenance technician for that property. 

Officer Danny Stephens   Securitas Security Services Indianapolis

Officer Stephens' immediate reaction to contain the leak not only stopped the destruction from continuing but also saved the customer thousands of dollars in estimated repairs. A leak like this one would have continued from the fourth floor to the basement causing tens of thousands of dollars in damage. The customer was ecstatic that this was found and commended Officer Stephens and Securitas Mobile on a job well done.

The vigilance Officer Stephens demonstrated is a shining example of Securitas' core values - Integrity, Vigilance and Helpfulness.

Water damages cause billions of dollars of structural, operational, reputational and financial losses each year for commercial property owners. Preventative patrol inspections help catch issues such as water leaks before they become serious and provide valuable return on investment. 


About Securitas Mobile: Securitas Mobile is a division of Securitas that specializes in preventative patrol inspections and emergency/alarm response. Proactive patrols help deter crime by providing a visible deterrent, while our emergency response capabilities allow us to react to an incident at a moment’s notice.  To learn more about the security services that Securitas Mobile provides, visit www.securitasmobileus.com.

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ASIS & Securitas Security Services USA Make Way for 3 Young Security Professionals to Attend ASIS 2014

Posted by Adam Koehler on Sep 11, 2014 10:20:00 AM

Winners Jean-Charles Gris, Kara M. Monroe, and Angela J. Osborne, were selected from among nearly 50 entries to receive an all-inclusive registration and travel package to attend the ASIS International 60th Annual Seminar and Exhibits in Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 29- Oct. 2, 2014. "To meet the unique education and career development needs of young professionals within the security industry...

The Remainder of this Article is Available Here: 


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NEW WHITEPAPER - Workplace Violence: Prevention and Response

Posted by Adam Koehler on May 13, 2014 1:38:00 PM

Workplace violence can happen anywhere.

Unfortunately, thousands of non-fatal workplace violence incidents occur every day. From verbal threats to unwanted visitors, workplace violence does not always involve a deadly weapon. But by providing training and awareness for security guards and employees alike, you can take steps to help prevent an incident from occuring.

In this whitepaper, Securitas USA and Pinkerton present the reasons why having a Workplace Violence Program in place can help reduce the chance that anything harmful will happen at your workplace.

Read the full whitepaper here.

Workplace Violence   COVER IMAGE

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Securitas Mobile Guarding Video Now Available!

Posted by Adam Koehler on Aug 7, 2013 11:38:00 AM

Securitas Mobile has recently finished shooting a video explaining the proactive and reactive security services that Securitas Mobile Guarding can provide.

Mobile Guarding is a fully comprehensive alternative security solution that gives you the benefits of an on-site security officer without round-the-clock payroll. Click play on the video below to learn how Securitas Mobile Guarding can benefit you.


Click here to learn more or request a free quote.


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North Miami Beach Chamber Admires Luxury, Discusses Security

Posted by Adam Koehler on Jun 24, 2013 3:33:00 PM

North Miami Beach Director of Police Services Tom Carney and Officer Ramon Santos

If you need an apartment that you can keep your yacht out back, then Lincoln Pointe Apartments are for you. 

Members of the North Miami Beach Chamber, including Securitas Mobile and the North Miami Beach Police Department, toured this luxury facility to welcome their newest member.   

The speaker for the event was North Miami Beach Director of Police Services Tom Carney.  He discussed new ideas which included community policing and new technological advances, such as texting 911 for emergencies.  

In previous emergency situations, such as the school shooting in Newtown, CT, students had access to cell phones, but could not speak while they were hiding from the gunman.  The ability to text 911 in similar situations would be extremely beneficial. 

Director Carney and Branch Manager David Bowling met with Property Manager Nadine Welsh and explained the benefits of the partnership between Securitas Mobile and the local police.  At the moment, Lincoln Pointe doesn’t use a security vendor.  They rely completely on the police department.  BM David Bowling explained advantages of the added level of protection that properties enjoy by combining a security presence along with their local police department. 

Lincoln Pointe is located in the prestigious Aventura community where neighbors include the Aventura Mall, Turnberry Isle, and Williams Island.

Submitted by David Bowling, Branch Manager in Miami, FL.

Pictured above are North Miami Beach Director of Police Services Tom Carney and Officer Ramon Santos

About Securitas USA:  Headquartered in Parsippany, NJ, Securitas Security Services USA, Inc. is a knowledge leader in security.  As the nation's leading security provider, Securitas USA and its affiliates offer security solutions, including uniformed security officers, mobile patrol and consulting & investigations.  Everywhere from small businesses to large corporations, our 100,000 employees are making a difference. For more information, visit www.securitasinc.com.

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