Security Trend: Construction for a Cause

Posted by Angela Bertolo on Dec 15, 2009 1:40:00 PM

Habitat for Humanity is a non profit organization working to eliminate poverty housing and homelessness throughout the world.  With the combined efforts of volunteer labor and donated funds and building supplies, Habitat for Humanity constructs homes for those in need. Unfortunately, these projects are not immune to theft and vandalism.  In fact, like any other construction site, theft and vandalism is common concern.  These sites often fall victim to theft of equipment, tools, supplies and vandalism.

In May 2009, $50,000 worth of copper disappeared from a Habitat for Humanity project in Omaha, NEHabitat for Humanity partnered with Securitas after one of their partners utilized mobile services during a corporate build and didn't incur any losses.  Securitas Mobile began arming homes that were in the process of being built and completed homes that were awaiting a family with alarm systems, with alarm response services and occasional patrol inspections.  In the past four months, Securitas Mobile has documented three incidents that have proved successful in deterring crime.  The first day service began for one property, the Tattletale alarm system was triggered.  A Securitas Mobile patrol officer immediately responded to the alarm and saw three people running from the house.  Luckily, nothing was stolen and there wasn't any damage to the property.  Daniel Brewer, Construction Manager, Habitat for Humanity said, "Impressed with the performance of the system and good customer service, we installed similar systems on a number of our projects throughout the summer and this fall.  We know it works because of several "near misses," where would-be thieves have forced open doors and been frightened away before they could steal materials or damage the homes, saving us thousands of dollars and valuable construction time."

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Securitas Mobile Utilizes Videofied to Prevent Employee Theft

Posted by Andrew Dougherty on Oct 21, 2009 11:34:00 AM

Employee theft is an important issue for just about any business.  But the burning question is, how do we stop it?  Securitas Mobile is currently utilizing an alarm verification system called Videofied to identify and document instances of employee theft at a large manufacturing facility.  The system works similarly to most alarm systems with a base unit, a motion sensor, and a keypad.  However, unlike traditional alarms which provides "blind" notification, Videofied captures a 10 second video clip of the alarm event through a small wireless motion activated camera.  This clip is transmitted wirelessly to a central monitoring station, then finally emailed to the client.  This all takes place in just a matter of seconds which provides our client with up to the minute information and assists the police in the apprehension of the individual.

In addition to the camera system, Securitas Mobile patrols the office building and parking area to create a security presence and meet the client's insurance requirements.  We will also be deploying a Tattletale Wireless Alarm to provide alarm protection on the entry gates to the plant and office building. 

Securitas handles the setup and maintenance of the equipment while the client pays one flat monthly fee.  In this instance the client is in the process of closing their facility and therefore, won't be stuck with the equipment when the site closes.  The wireless features and relative ease of setup make it a solid option for temporary setups, but the 4 year battery life and durability of the equipment makes Videofied more than capable of long term applications. 

If you're interested in having Videofied or Tattletale setup at your location, please call 877-686-0822.

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