Halloween Safety Tips for Parents

Posted by Adam Koehler on Oct 28, 2014 1:03:00 AM

Halloween is a fun time for children, but it can be scary for parents. Here are a few tips from the National Crime Prevention Council to keep your little ghosts and goblins safe while trick-or-treating this year: Halloween Safety resized 600

Preparing for Big Night
  • Set a time limit for trick-or-treating
  • Remind kids not to enter houses
  • Try to get your kids to trick-or-treat while it is still light out. If it is dark, make sure the children are carrying flashlights or glowsticks.
  •  Make sure older kids go out with friends. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult. If you live in a rural area, offer all kids a ride in the car.
Eating the Treats
  • Kids need to know not to eat their treats until they get home. One way to keep trick-or-treaters from digging in while their still out is to feed them a meal or substantial snack beforehand.
  • Check out all the treats at home in a well-lighted place.
  • What to eat? Only unopened candy and other treats that are in the original wrappers. Don't forget to inspect fruit and homemade goodies for anything suspicious. 
Making Safe Costumes
  • Check that costumes are flame-retardant so the little ones aren't in danger near candlelit jack-o-lanterns and other fire hazards.
  • Keep costumes short to prevent trips, falls, and other bumps in the night.
  • Encourage kids to wear comfortable shoes.
  • Try makeup instead of a mask. Masks can be hot and uncomfortable and, more importantly, they can obstruct a child's vision - a dangerous thing when kids are crossing streets and going up and down steps.
  • Make sure kids wear light colors or put reflective tape on their costumes.
 Pranks That Can Be a Little Tricky 

Halloween is notoriously a night of pranks - toilet papering a house or filling mailboxes with shaving cream are not unusual. Try to get a handle on your children's plans before they go out. Explain to them that while you want them to have a good time, some tricks could hurt other people or vandalize property. Emphasize that you disapprove of vandalism. 

"Unhaunting" Your House and Neighborhood
  • Welcome trick-or-treaters at your home by turning on your exterior lights.
  • Remove objects from your yard that might present a hazard to visitors.
  • Ask your Neighborhood Watch or citizens' group to patrol the community.
  • Drive slowly all evening - you never know what creature may suddenly cross your path.
  • Report any suspicious or criminal activity to your local police or sheriff's department.


For more information on Halloween safety visit the National Crime Prevention Council.

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