Jerry Towner | Business Development Manager | North Texas

Jerry Towner, Business Development ManagerAs a Business Development Manager, I focus on the security concerns of my valued relationships and utilize all resources available. I value client, colleague, and employee satisfaction - and believe in three main tenants for a solid relationship and mutual success: Take care of our clients, take care of our employees, and simplify processes. My team provides solutions by analyzing current risk, probability of occurrence, and the significance of consequences associated with each event. Doing so allows us to simplify security processes by integrating customized solutions to ensure my clients' programs protect their people, property, and assets. By providing my valued Security Officers with highly-skilled leadership, training, support, wages, benefits, and technology - they attain a contributor skillset rather than a participant mindset. Providing excellent customer service stands above all else, and we're dedicated to ensuring your security needs are met.

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Integrated Guarding

We continually strive for methods to meet each client’s unique security requirements while keeping the client’s business goals and budget in mind. We are dedicated to using our resources and experience to create security solutions that address the rising costs of the security profession.

The solution is Integrated Guarding, which can combine all three or any combination of our guarding services — On-site, Mobile and Remote — to provide a comprehensive, cutting-edge security program. Through our coast-to-coast footprint, Securitas and its affiliates can offer an all-inclusive approach, and provide not just the officers and the technology, but a flexible security plan to handle all aspects of your organization’s security objectives.

The benefits of Integrated Guarding include:

  • Cost efficiencies without compromising your security program
  • Flexibility with customized security solutions
  • A single provider for all your security services

On-site Guarding

We know that every business environment has different security needs, which is why we have leveraged our knowledge and expertise to develop a variety of guarding functions to meet your requirements. After performing a Risk Assessment, we recommend services that best fit your situation.

These may include:

  • Reception/concierge services
  • Console operations
  • Special event guarding
  • Fire patrol and equipment checks
  • Alarm and emergency response
  • Facilities badging and identification services
  • Transportation and parking coordination services
  • Customized and site-specific security functions

Through SecuritasConnect, you can have full visibility and control over your security program. This is your window to view your site’s security, at any time of the day or night. SecuritasVision saves time and confirms compliance of your security operations, policies and best practices, as well as improving communication and officer accountability.

Mobile Guarding

Mobile Guarding allows sites of all sizes to have access to the world-class protection, high-caliber officers and advanced technologies that make Securitas the knowledge leader in security.

Mobile Guarding Officers: Specially trained, vigilant and helpful officers check in at random but regimented times to fulfill post orders, inspect the property and assist staff as necessary.

Alarm Response: Mobile Guarding officers can respond to alarms and react with the appropriate response required by the situation. Mobile Guarding by Securitas offers comprehensive security through innovative and cost-effective packages. Cutting-edge technology and software, combined with specially trained Mobile officers, creates real-time security that helps prevent incidents, optimize security officers’ time and reduce costs. When you rely on Mobile Guarding to monitor your facility, you know the first response will be appropriate.

Remote Guarding

When you have Remote Guarding managed by Securitas, we act on incidents in real-time and can deter trouble before it happens. The combination of smart technology and our security expertise creates unprecedented efficiency to help protect your facility 24/7.

Real-time security programs are achieved when video cameras, video analytics, monitoring centers and security officers work together as one integrated force. Potential threats are spotted by cameras and automatically analyzed based on predefined criteria. When necessary, an operator is alerted who then takes immediate action to prevent or minimize damage. We continually identify areas for creating efficiencies both in preventing incidents and lowering resource demand.

Alarm Verification: Gives you the shortest possible response time when an incident occurs. Cameras will scan your premises and parking lots for unauthorized activity and potential threats, advise status and deliver an audible message that security is monitoring in real-time.

Remote Employee Escort: Utilizes live video surveillance with audio notification to provide a safe environment as employees arrive and depart the area. In other situations, we can monitor visitors who have access to a building and follow their progress throughout the building.

Remote Entry/Exit Management: Provides on demand processing of employees and contract workers who require access to your facility. We can verify their identity, confirm authorization for entry/exit, track and record activity and report any exceptions.

Remote Perimeter Protection: Customized intelligent video analytics for each unique location recognize potential threats and alert operators the moment there is suspicious activity.

Electronic Security

The advantage of working with Securitas is that you will have one point of contact for the design, installation and service of your equipment. Securitas gives you state-of-the-art security in innovative and cost-effective packages. Securitas Electronic Security Solutions provides a simple approach to your security system needs.

We can:

  • Help you understand how to best utilize your current system
  • Update outdated or broken parts of the system
  • Replace the system with a more efficient and effective design

Our engineers can provide expertise on Access Control, Video Security Solutions, Design and Installation, and Maintenance.

Our Technology Service Centers (TSCs) are the hub of our technology activity. While technicians and service managers are deployed and ready to work across the country, the TSCs coordinate the activity to help provide quick action.

Fire & Safety

We will work with you to develop a fire service plan to meet the specific needs of your facility. Certain industries that Securitas protects, such as the petrochemical, aerospace/defense, and energy industries, are more prone to fire hazards at their facilities. To strengthen our supportive relationship with these industries, we developed a specialized group to expertly fight fires, handle hazardous materials scenarios, and mitigate fire hazards that may threaten business operations.

Through Securitas Critical Infrastructure Services (SCIS), we bring you experience in assessing your facility and possible scenarios to find cost-effective ways to enhance the overall fire service program.

Incident Response:

  • Fire suppression
  • Emergency medical response
  • Rescue operations
  • Arson investigation
  • Confined space operations

Fire Prevention:

  • Pre-development/fire pre-plans
  • Uniform fire code enforcement
  • Life safety code enforcement
  • Public education programs

Corporate Risk Management

Over 150 years, the Pinkerton name has evoked memories of America's first detective agency and the man who founded it - Allan Pinkerton. His legacy continues to this day with a force of Pinkerton investigators and security specialists who maintain the same reputable dedication and commitment to helping protect clients and their assets worldwide.

Pinkerton’s tradition of excellence continues with the experience you can trust, and the integrity you can rely on which as a respected leader in the security consulting and investigation practice. Pinkerton offers organizations comprehensive security services, a consultative approach to identifying risks and the professional expertise to partner in effective solutions. With offices located in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, you can depend on an organization with a rich history and a dynamic future.

Pinkerton Specific Services include:

  • Security consulting
  • Corporate investigations
  • Computer forensics
  • Electronic discovery
  • Executive protection
  • Crisis management
  • Supply Chain Logistics Security
  • Cyber Surveillance

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