If your alarm system is triggered, a quick response by a professionally trained patrol officer is critical.  Securitas Mobile patrol officers are trained to know what to do in an emergency and how to limit damage. 

In the event that your alarm system sounds, Securitas Mobile will dispatch an officer to your facility to investigate.  If necessary, local law enforcement, emergency services, or maintenance personnel will be contacted. Securitas Mobile patrol officers are trained to effectively handle these types of situations and to take the best course of action.

Features include...

  • Expertly trained, uniformed security officers
  • Highly visible, clearly marked vehicles
  • Officers equipped with GPS navigation system, smartphone, and emergency response procedures
  • Computerized verification of services delivered through Securitas MobileVision tour verification system
  • 24 hour dispatching capabilities
  • Instant communication with additional Securitas Mobile resources and/or law enforcement for emergency response
  • Secured Key Management for quick emergency access

Benefits include...

  • Reduction of costs associated with law enforcement responding to false alarms
  • Protection & deterrent from theft and vandalism
  • Promotion of safe community and workplace
  • Customized security solution designed for your specific needs
  • Quick professional response in cases of emergency
  • Technology driven quality assurance delivered through our Securitas MobileVision tour verification system.    Click here for more information about Securitas MobileVision


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