Vacant Properties

As the number of vacant, foreclosed properties continues to increase, property owners, builders, and financial institutions are facing unique and challenging security problems.

Vandalism and loitering on the premise are no longer their only concern. Preventing the burglary of appliances, cabinets, sinks, pipes and copper is a top priority. In addition to theft and vandalism, unlawful occupation by criminals, vagrants, and drug dealers create frightening and dangerous conditions for real estate agents and property managers. Each of these factors may decrease the value of the property, negatively affect the immediate surroundings, and increase the risk of financial and legal liability.

Securitas Mobile delivers affordable and effective solutions to help reduce the potential impact of these emerging and increasing security risks.  

Reduce Risk

  • Random, proactive patrols
  • Interior and Exterior Property Inspections
  • Incident and Alarm Response
  • Wireless Alarm Systems

Save Time  

  • Cash for Keys Document Delivery
  • Occupancy Checks
  • Digital Photographs for Broker Price Options (BPO’s)
  • Lock Box Setup and Maintenance
  • Call Out Inspections
  • “For Sale” Sign Setup

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Vacant Property Security Services