Residential Communities, including Multi-Housing Properties, Apartments, Home Owners Associations and Gated Communities, are faced with unique safety and security challenges.

More then ever, ensuring the safety and security of people and communities is a challenging undertaking. Security risks are on the rise and the threats are becoming more sophisticated.

Securitas Mobile understands the complexity of providing a safe and secure environment in the Residential and Multi-Housing Communities.

Since 1850, Securitas has been providing a full range of security and safety services.  We work closely with our customers to understand their specific security issues and we draw on our extensive knowledge, expertise, and state of the art technology to customize an effective security program that meets the customers’ security and budget needs.

Securitas Mobile Provides:

  • Patrol Services – Securitas Mobile provides random, proactive patrols.   Our officers utilize a variety of patrol methods including marked vehicles, bikes, and golf carts.   The frequency and time of the patrols are flexible based on your specific needs.
  • Access Control Services- Securitas Mobile provides Lock and Un-lock services for:
    • Pools
    • Tennis Courts
    • Clubhouses
    • Maintenance Areas
  • Parking Enforcement Services – We create and maintain Parking Logs to control access
  • Solicitor Control Services – Securitas Mobile Officers maintain community decorum by escorting solicitors out of communities per HOA (Community) Guidelines
  • Technology Services–  State-of-the-art technologies that help better protect a community
    • Real-time online reporting of patrols can be accessed via a secure portal and client login
    • RG Go - An easily deployed, fully contained video solution with Remote Guarding services and Mobile Guarding response.
    • Camera Systems with Remote Monitoring that includes vision capabilities, license plate capture ability, notification alerts and more.
    • Wireless & Portable Alarm System that enables communities to protect physical property with precision
    • Wireless Motion Detection Camera System that uses video response.  This system eliminates false alarms, decreases alarm response time, and increases criminal apprehensions.

Securitas Mobiles Officers Look For:

  • Trespassers
  • Vandalism
  • Unwanted Solicitors
  • Vehicles driving slowly through a neighborhood or multi-housing community
  • Loud Parties
  • Drugs & Alcohol (in parks and other common areas)
  • Gang Activity
  • Illegally Parked Vehicles (per community guidelines)
  • Suspicious Activity
  • Unattended pets
  • Good working order of all common area lighting
  • Good working condition of gates

Securitas Mobile   Residential Security Services

Residential Security Services