Commercial and Retail Properties have a multitude of challenges when it come to ensuring the safety and security of their employees, customers, property, and assets.

With today’s heightened security risks, Commercial and Retail organizations not only worry about vandalism and theft, but also trespassers, unwanted solicitors, and suspicious activities.

Securitas Mobile has extensive experience in working with Commercial and Retail properties.  Our service is proactive; we do not wait for an incident to occur.  Our trained officers are vigilant and reliable, patrolling and inspecting your properties as often as needed to ensure that your employees and customers are safe, and your property and assets are secure and undamaged.

Our knowledge of the Commercial and Retail Industries, along with our security expertise, and state-of-the-art technology, provide you with a full range of security solutions, customized to meet your specific security needs.

Securitas Mobile is your one-stop security services partner.

Securitas Mobile Provides:

  • Wireless Alarm Systems – Quick to set up, with the ability to monitor any area regardless of location
  • Alarm Response – If your alarm system sounds, or an employee needs assistance, a response team will go to your facility to investigate and take appropriate action
  • Patrol Services – Securitas Mobile provides random, proactive patrols and inspections
  • Parking Enforcement Services – Securitas Mobile will inspect and patrol your parking lots
  • Technology Services – Securitas provides state-of-the-art technologies that better protect your properties.   
  • Flexible Patrol Schedules – Securitas Mobile Officer scheduling has flexibility. Whether a client needs two patrols on Monday, three on Tuesday, one on Wednesday; ­ it can be done
  • Interior & Exterior Property Inspections ­­ – Securitas Mobile will inspect both the interior and exterior of your building to ensure all doors and windows are secured and verify that there are no safety or security hazards present
  • Lock & Unlock Service: Our officers will open and close your facility according to your security specifications

Securitas Mobile Security practices the "detect, deter, observe, and report" methodology.  Securitas Mobiles Officers Look For:

  • Trespassers
  • Drugs & Alcohol  
  • Gang Activity
  • Illegally Parked Vehicles
  • Suspicious activities
  • Good working order of all common area lighting
  • Good working order of gates

Securitas Mobile   Commercial and Retail Security Services