Securitas is a knowledge leader in security. We have approximately 370,000 employees in 54 countries across the globe.

Securitas is a locally-focused security company, with over 640 local branch managers and more than 100,000 security officers in North America who provide unmatched security solutions to meet the specific needs of thousands of businesses. Securitas’ services include guarding services, patrols and inspections, access control, remote video monitoring, K-9 protection, concierge and receptionist services, security console operators, alarm response, and specialized client requested services. We focus on providing security solutions that fit each customer’s individual needs. The key success component and a cornerstone in our business philosophy is knowledge and expertise.

Securitas Mobile is the perfect solution for organizations that are trying to maximize their security budget. Each Securitas Mobile client benefits from:

  • Innovative, industry leading security services to small and medium-sized businesses that otherwise may be unable to afford adequate security measures
  • Security when and where you need it, through proactive patrols, inspections, and timely and reliable professional response to alarms and incidents
  • The peace of mind of having a world class security partner on call 24 hours a day – every day

Why Securitas?

A variety of factors, including world events, crime trends, and budget constraints continue to stretch the resources of public law enforcement and emergency agencies. Businesses are relying upon alternative security protection and responses methods more than ever. Through our specialized services and industry expertise, Securitas Mobile can provide the necessary tools to help protect your property and assets, and provide a safer environment for your employees.

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